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Structured Investment Products ~ Offering Growth & Capital Protection

Structured Investment Products

Structured products can be described as investments that provide the potential to earn a return that is both higher than traditional bank deposits and/or delivers a known return for a specific investment circumstance.

Structured products provide returns linked to the performance of an underlying asset or benchmark, such as equities, commodities, interest rates and even foreign exchange rates. The exposure to the underlying asset can be through individual securities, a basket of securities or even market indices.

The investor is provided with the ability to tailor their returns to provide capital growth, income or even a combination of the two. Structured products can also be designed to provide positive returns even if the direct investments in a market would have produced a loss and could also deliver income returns greater than deposit products or accounts.

These types of products can also be used in the planning for fixed-date goals e.g. retirement or the payment of university fees. They may also be useful in the optimisation of risk / reward profiles, through the elimination or limiting of capital loss by means of capital protection type products.

Different Types of Structed Investment Products

Equity Index Structured Products

Equity products are designed to deliver asset growth as well as to provide a level of capital protection. This is achieved by using various platforms such as foreign and domestic listed instruments and note programmes allowing Investec structured products to access a wide range of Equity indices from developed markets like the S&P500 to emerging markets in Asia and Africa

Yield Enhanced Structuted Products

Yield enhancing products are designed to produce targeted returns while minimising the risk of capital loss, these products can be linked to both the credit of specific entities or in some cases Equity Indices.

Commodity Structured Products

Commodity products are designed to provide investors access to the growth potential of Commodities as an asset class as either an alternative or as a complement to equity type products. This is achieved by using various platforms such as foreign and domestic listed instruments and note programmes.

*Source: Investec

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